House system and student council members

The board is working towards evolving a learning process and an environment which would empower the learner as future citizens to become global leaders in the emerging global society. Institution commits itself to provide a stress-free learning environment that will develop competent, confident and enterprising citizens who will promote harmony and peace.

House System


The House System is designed to embody the values and ethos of the school and is an integral part of our school community. The objective of the house system at Shiv Ashish is to provide every student with:

  • A sense of belonging· positive role models from within their peer group
  • A sense of achievement outside the classroom
  • Leadership
  • Individual and collective responsibility
  • The development of communication skills, flexibility and resilience
  • Sensitize them towards social issues

Benefits of the House System

The houses provide not only an increased feeling of identity and belonging; it also provides students with a sense of tradition and abundant leadership opportunities.

At SHIV ASHISH the students are divided into four houses named after four gems.

  • SAPPHIRE in blue symbolizing youth, spirituality, truth, and peace.
  • TOPAZ in yellow depicting wisdom, joy, happiness, and intellectual.
  • RUBY in red reflecting action, confidence, courage, and vitality.
  • EMERALD in green to symbolize life, nature, fertility, and wellbeing.

House System provides:

  • A caring, supportive environment; each student becomes a valued member of a small ‘family unit’ within a larger ‘family’ within the whole school.
  • A well-ordered, stimulating and enjoyable atmosphere in which deep learning and effective teaching can flourish.
  • Positive self-esteem amongst students and value of the ethos of the school community.
  • The opportunity to obtain the essential qualifications and entry skills for chosen careers and the life skills necessary for a rapidly changing society.
  • Equality of opportunity and encouragement to realize an individual’s full potential.
  • Building an individual’s strengths within a group and bonding with other students of all ages.
  • Promotion of the ‘Student Voice’, Student Responsibility, Team skills, Leadership skills, and Co-operation.
  • Development of personal and social skills and well-being.
  • This system of different houses aims at encouraging ownership, leadership traits, and foster team spirit by conducting various competition.
  • Points are given to each house based on their performance, preparation & disciplinary note.
  • These practices develop students’ skills, their role in a team and importance of teamwork & team building.

Student Council Members

Students are given abundant opportunities to groom themselves and learn about the world during their academic life. The student council is one such opportunity given to students to learn the skills of leadership during high school. Leadership skills help students in several ways and are essential for them to deal with their peers during their academic years and in their practical life as well. A few key advantages of promoting leadership through a student council for students are:

  • Confidence building
  • Team building
  • Prioritizing tasks
  • Creating Social awareness
  • Resource Utilization