Club activities

Being at school is not just learning syllabus and performing in exam, its about acquiring skills, widening horizons and channelizing the energy of children in positive fields.

Shiv Ashish functions the following clubs:

  • Literary Club
  • Science and Math Club
  • Sports Club
  • Cultural Club

These clubs aim to promote

  • Self-esteem and self-confidence of children
  • They get chance to succeed in different areas (beyond academics)
  • Fun and Entertainment
  • They keep children busy & active, and stay safe and healthy


Creating Forest

Often we talk about going green but we really thought of imbibing them in our lifestyles. Motivating the community to green habits, Shiv Ashish School organized an activity for grade I & II students of creating a forest . School is the place where a student learns the ways of life and the activity aimed to accomplish precisely that, by inhibiting the ‘Green way of living’ in various stages of a childs life.

Salad Decoration

Students of Grade IX & X exhibited their art of making dining table more tempting through eye appealing presentation and also adding flavors to make it mouth watering. The objective is to inculcate healthy food habits and awareness regarding the choice of food among the children.

Rakhi Making

Rakhi making activity was organized at Shivashish School. All students from Grade 6th participated in it and made colorful rakhis. All of them participated with great zeal and enthusiasm and prepared beautiful rakhis.

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