Special sessions


Discover the doctor within you

Shiv Ashish School faculty were addressed by Dr.B.K.Chanda Shekar world renowned international healer on ‘Psycho Neurobics’. The session enriched the staff mentors on living a healthy life with Positive mind Set. The session was interactive and demonstrated the power of mind as well as how to empower one’s subconscious mind.


Foundation Course:How to be a smart student

Mr. Vishad Parikh (Sneh World) took a session to develop good life habits among students, increase memory power and help them work in a smarter way. Tips on grooming the inner and outer personality were given and techniques to visualize oneself as winner/achiever were demonstrated.Motivational videos were also shown to students.An activity ‘Crossing the virtual […]


Foundation Course:Personality Development

Dr. Seema Singh took a very interesting lecture on Personality -Development. Students were taught how to be confident. She also made students understand that personality is not only the outer appearance but also the inner self which is left unexplored most of the time. Motivational movie ‘Poorna’ was shown to students. A tale of an […]


Foundation Course:Career Counselling,Keys for success

Professional path to tread after academics. Dream big, set goals & work hard to achieve them. Mr. Firdose Kapadia from iQue Ideas discussed about unexplored avenues students can explore after schooling. He also highlighted the cut-off required for various courses in universities abroad. Ms. Pradnya Paranjape through various activites took a session on how to […]


Football with a Nigerian coach, Mr. Kene Lawrance

A grand session in football happened today at Shiv Ashish as KENE LAWRENCE (Nigerian Football Coach) came as a guest footballer. He is a professional player who played for National Team in Nigeria and also a part of Air India Football Team. He taught our young aspirants the techniques of the game.